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Eating healthy can seem a daunting task. Especially with the associated effort an expense involved. There are, however, many ways to become motivated to eat healthier. In some instances, it begins with your kitchen tools. In this article, we are reviewing some top kitchen tools to encourage a healthier and happier you.


The Air Fryer

 If you adore fried foods then you’re not alone! Finding a healthy way to enjoy fried goodies is made significantly easier with the use of an air fryer. Rather than cooking your food in a pool of grease or oil, an air fryer uses the convection heat method. With the small space of the fryer, it is able to blow around hot air to simulate the fryer effect to give you the much-loved crunch of fried food without all the grease.


The Blender

If you’re thinking smoothie then you’re right. A good blender can create deliciously smooth smoothies for you to enjoy. You know the old saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. On the flip side, a great blender can smooth out soup to the point where those you serve will swear you added cream. There are a number of recipes available on the internet today for a variety of healthy options.


The Pressure Cooker

When you’re busy and always on the go, you can skip the fast food with a pressure cooker. When time is a factor, a pressure cooker will cut down on cook times and take a mere one-third of the time it would take on the stovetop or oven for a delicious meal. When cooking with liquid stocks or water you are able to eliminate oils altogether.


The Kitchen Scale

Having a better understanding of just how much food you’re eating can provide you with the knowledge to get healthy. Since our eyes tend to tell us that we are full based on what we see, having a kitchen scale will help you know exactly how much you’re consuming and plan better.


The Food Chopper

No more excuses about the prep-time taking too long with a food chopper in the kitchen! Save money with eating at home and eat healthier with fresh whole foods. When we know food prep won’t take longer than the actual cooking, we are more motivated to prepare meals at home, leading to healthy habits.


The Oil Spritz Bottle

While many fats, grease, and oils are bad for us, you may be surprised to learn that there are some good oils as well. We all need a little oil in our diet for added flavor and overall health. To do this in a healthy manner, use an oil sprayer to help moderate your intake and avoid overdoing it.


Final Thoughts

Eating healthy begins with the right tools for the job. WIthout the excuses of prep time and really, time in general, we are able to take control of our diets. By making minor adjustments to your diet, you will begin to see an increase in healthy habits and begin to feel better for a happier you.