When the Affordable Care Act was signed into law under President Barack Obama, it was touted as a cost-reducing, life-saving plan. While this was true in many aspects, many people have found that the former point has not held up. Premiums have risen in many states, drug prices continue to sky-rocket, and profiteers like Martin Shkreli reach their hands into sick people’s pocket books.

There’s a good reason for this, and unfortunately, it was a part of the ACA’s design. Cost controls have never been a part of the ACA. They were purposefully left out in a successful effort to hand over more control to health companies at the expense of the patient.

Is It Obama’s Fault?

Despite the political divide that surrounds President Obama’s marquee legislation, the truth is, the left and the right were fundamental in setting up this style of system. There’s a reason that Obamacare was known as a recreation of Romney-care: both were largely designed by the think-tank The Heritage Foundation. Though Heritage will fume when presented with claim, Politifact overwhelmingly supports it.

Health Care Is Expensive No Matter What, Right?

Whether left or right, all Americans have been taken to task by the lack of cost controls in the ACA. In Canada, where cost controls do exist, it’s possible to get the same drugs, the same surgeries, the same level of health care as Americans do, but for a fraction of the cost. This is no accident; ostensibly, premiums and costs were designed to rise under the ACA.

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