Makeup is a fun form of self-expression. Professional makeup artists are practically shapeshifters who can entirely alter appearances. On the other hand, makeup’s dark side is well known. Some people rely heavily on it. This reliance runs so deep that they cannot recognize themselves without makeup on. That is just one psychological side effect. Makeup also has some pretty serious side effects on physical health too. Read on to learn some side effects of makeup and how you can prevent them.

  1. Acne

Acne is maybe the most common side effect of makeup. There are some brands that are designed to be friendly to skin and follow through on that. However, many brands focus on aesthetic over skin health. “Perfect” and “poreless” skin requires clogged pores in order to give the skin an entirely smooth finish.

However, skin needs to be able to breathe and grow. Clogged pores lead to acne as well as smaller scale skin issues. This is especially prevalent in teenagers and young adults. Oftentimes, self-conscious people try to cover up their acne with makeup. They never realize that this actually makes the acne worse.

Makeup can be worn for a few hours without too much impact on the skin. However, long-term wear will negatively impact the skin pretty heavily.

  1. Eye Infections

Makeup artists often advise people who want to do less products on their face “brows, lips, lashes.” The problem is that eye makeup is notoriously irritating. On a human face, the eyes and the skin around it is the most sensitive place imaginable. Eye makeup includes eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, glitter, and false lashes with lash glue. All of these substances are especially prone to bacterial infections. This can lead to eye infections or simple eye irritation.

The irritation can also stem from application tactics – looking at you waterline eyeliner! Additionally, the product can slip into the corners of the eye where it is applied. Especially in Florida, where it is hot for most of the year. The sun can even cause problems like lash glue melting into people’s eyes…ouch!

In addition to irritation the eyes, a lot of eye products actually ruins eyelashes and brows. Mascara and eyeliner limit the growth of eyelashes, while false lashes rip them out. Full eyeshadow looks often lead to people scrubbing their face to remove it, which tears out more lashes and brow hairs.

How To Prevent Common Side Effects

The side effects of makeup can seem scary. However, there are simple precautions to take that prevent those issues from developing.

  • Clean any and all applicators. Don’t just use warm water, include some actual brush cleanser in the process. Cleaning eliminates bacteria and germs that cause infections.
  • Do not share makeup with other people. Even if people are very close, the transfer of bacteria can cause some nasty side effects. Sharing can even transfer illnesses such as the common cold or the flu.
  • Take a break from makeup. Every once in a while, give your skin time to breathe without any products impeding it.