The total number of individuals enrolling in health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act is now projected to reach as much as 9.9 million in 2015, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The higher projection comes as nearly 950,000 individuals signed up for coverage outside of the open-enrollment period. Understanding the circumstances when you can apply for insurance outside of open enrollment can help those looking to secure health insurance in Bradenton.

Open enrollment for the current year ran from last November through the end of March. Individuals who have experienced a specified life-changing event can seek new health coverage outside of the traditional open-enrollment period. But they have only 60 days from that event to enroll in new coverage

Enrollments outside of open-enrollment this year came because of eligibility changes due to new circumstances, such as losing employer-provided health insurance, explains the Wall Street Journal. More people under the age of 34 signed up for health insurance outside of the open enrollment period than did so during open enrollment. The CMS says that those data suggest that people were shopping the marketplace because they were changing jobs. Those enrollments may also reflect young people who were no longer eligible for coverage under their parents’ plans, or other life changes, such as marriage or childbirth, release from prison, or the loss of coverage due to a layoff.

If you live in the Bradenton area and have lost your job or experienced some other life event resulting in the loss of your health insurance, you still have options to obtain coverage. For help or more information about your health insurance options, contact us.