Rashes & What You Should Know

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A rash is essentially a swelling and itchiness on your skin. It can be caused by different agents and combined with other symptoms like joint pain, nausea or fever, and they can be lethal. This is why you should pay proper attention to the rashes, and treat them when they appear.

Before you treat the rashes, you need to know the cause and symptoms of the most common rashes. Here they are for you.


This is common for kids, as well as adults. In this skin condition, the affected areas turn dry and chapped. It is generally caused in the areas around elbows and knees but can be found in other body parts too.

Rash by Lyme disease

A tick bite causes Lyme disease, and the onset of rashes mark that the person has been affected. It is not painful, but warm and develops in different parts of the body with the emergence of fever.


This is yet another rash that is caused when an organism enters the body. It starts as a rash, then develops to an ulcer, and swells depending on the exposure. Groins and/or armpits are the affected areas in this type of problem.


In the case of hives, you would see pale and red bumps of different sizes on your skin suddenly. It also causes swelling around the eye, the genitals, and the lips. Additionally, you might also experience swelling of the throat, the tongue, and problems with breathing. It is an allergic condition that needs medical attention but is not contagious.

Irritant-Based Rash

This type of rashes is caused when the skin is exposed to some chemical or artificial irritants. It can be soap, skin lotion or even a piece of fabric. It doesn’t cause much problem if the contact agent is removed, although the affected area can remain itchy and swollen for a few hours.

Allergen-Based Rash

It is a rash that is caused when your skin is exposed to something you are allergic to. It can be something normal like a rubber band or even something complex like nickel. For people who suffer from metal allergy, exposure to that specific metal can cause rashes and itching.

Rash Prevention & Treatment

When you are suffering from a rash, it is most likely caused due to physical contact with something. In most of the cases, removing the irritant object or material cures you of the problem. However, in severe cases like eczema, tularemia or a bug-based rash, you might need medical attention.

If you have sensitive skin, you should always apply sunblock lotion when you are moving out. It is the case with allergens. You should cover yourself and try not to expose yourself to the allergic materials. At times anti-irritant skin cream might help you with the rash. Additionally, make sure that you keep your house clean and free from bugs and ticks. Certain ticks are known to cause severe health problems like the Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.