Everyone needs health insurance, but having a plan doesn’t always mean your costs are covered. High deductibles can take a lot of money out of your pocket every year. Co-pays and monthly prescription expenses also add up. Here are some ways to save while still getting the care you need.

Research Costs

According to Consumer Reports, the cost of an MRI might be as much as four times higher at one imaging center than at another. Most insurers provide a tool on their website that will allow you to look up treatment prices and choose a more affordable option.

Go Generic

If you’re taking monthly prescriptions, ask your doctor if you can switch to a generic prescription rather than the name brand. Generic prescriptions will produce the same results for much less– sometimes saving you hundreds of dollars per month. In some cases, switching from prescription medications to over-the-counter medications can also be a money-saver.

Schedule Tests Wisely

If you regularly meet your deductible each year, consider tweaking your calendar to save on out-of-pocket expenses. Schedule expensive tests, specialist appointments, or procedures towards the end of the year, when you’ve already met your deductible. You’ll receive the care you need without draining your wallet more than you have to.

Read the Fine Print

Know exactly what’s in your health plan and what it covers. Learn which procedures require pre-approval, what you’ll be charged for in-network versus out-of-network care, and visits to the ER. Then, plan and prepare for your costs accordingly.

Shop Around

Do your research and compare plans to find the right one for you. If you go through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you may qualify for an income-based tax credit that will help shoulder the burden of monthly premiums. Your employer may also offer different tiers and coverage levels. Choose one that fits with your needs and covers your expected medical expenses.

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